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Leadership Skills

To Lead: -'Cause to go with by guiding or showing the way; direct the actions or opinions of ...;'

'Leader: A person followed by others'

The leadership paradox - that leading often means giving up power than accumulating it - is the core issue for managing teams.

Traditional leadership skills of control, focus, responsibility, motivation, all help achieve business goals.

A leader that can encourage independent thinking, innovation and team member accountability, will be more able to face the challenges of the modern business.

Your People Make Your Business

Managers today need to participate - to be seen as leaders. We look at key principles focused on character, and situations:

  • Leadership awareness - when it's required, and when it's lacking, how it matches with other people's values.
  • Understanding principles, or functions, of leadership behaviours.
  • Application skills - to know how something should be done or managed, as well as what, when, and to whom.

Aims and goals for Leadership skills are tailored to meet the current and future roles of individuals. Below are some common issues we focus upon:

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